Protecting nature to restore peace

Protecting nature to restore peace

In many countries, forests have been ravaged by brush fire. This practice results from the need of a grazing pasture for animals, which results in burning bush trees to let grasses grow. In other countries, slash-and-burn agriculture has also resulted in the clearance of several hectares of forests and the extinction of lemur species, snakes, and other fauna.

Apart from that, human activities like massive charcoal production and sapphire or gold mining have brought about the loss of floral diversity and the destruction of habitats. In fact, several birds and turtles species have lost their habitats due to the degradation of environment.

On the other hand, the once beautiful city has turned out into a stressful area due to pollution. Garbage is dumped in rivers and lakes, and plastic debris fill the once lovely riverside or seashore. What can be done to protect nature to restore peace ?

Nurture the idea of conservation

The degradation of nature has led to a deterioration inhuman characteristics, which implies that people in the world want peace, as the ambassador of peace Prem Rawat said. On weekends, you want to have a picnic in nature, but there is no soft grass to sit on, because they have recently been burnt for grazing pastures.

Thus, people are deprived of the simplest opportunity to enjoy serenity in nature. The problem needs to be addressed from its roots. Unless there is a change in cultural practices and in people's mindset, it is hard to believe that the problem will be reversible. To remedy the situation, education is key. Therefore, it is crucial to include environmental conservation in the curriculum since early childhood education.

Protecting water supplies, rivers, lakes and oceans to restore peace

  •  Global warming has caused many harmful impacts including drying up of water supplies in addition to climate change 
  • Water shortage is another major factor to violence and conflicts between communities or states. 
  • Dwindling freshwater supplies lead to problems in fisheries and farming. 
  • The problem can be reversible if people stop dumping garbage in fresh water, rivers, lakes and ocean. 
  • Call for action need to be done regularly to clear out water resources and raise awareness of the necessity to protect water.

Reforestation and green park creation to restore peace

The power of nature to promote inner peace and harmony within the society is unchallengeable. Even though many recreational facilities are available nowadays, it cannot refrain children and youths from their aggressiveness and violent characteristics.

This implies that the man-made designs have limitations to enhance inner tranquility. Researchers compared the mood of apartment dwellers who live in busy streets in the city, to that of those who live in the green suburbs. 

  • In the city, no natural plants or trees grow, and pollution abounds. All you can see is tall buildings and lights. 
  • In contrast, the suburbs look much more peaceful, with the green trees, flowers, grasses, and animals. 
  • In addition, studies have also revealed that children who are used to playing among natural environment with green landscapes and picturesque river or mangroves, where birds can sing, are more pacific and more friendly. 
  • However, city children have displayed more aggressiveness and violence in their acts towards their peers.

In short, it is crucial to act for the environment protection to restore peace and reduce the incidences of violence. Peace with nature requires our potential, which can be developed through "Knowledge" as Prem Rawat said, to take care of nature while keeping its balance in order to make the environment a promoter of serenity.