Plants and flowers for a peaceful home and Feng Shui

Plants and flowers for a peaceful home and Feng Shui

Plants and flowers are God's gifts to humanity, which can add serenity and happiness to life. Whether you have them in your garden or indoor, the sight of plants and flowers can enhance a good mood and cheerfulness in the heart. In this article, let us focus on plants and flowers for a peaceful home and Feng Shui.

What exactly is Feng Shui?

According to the old-Chinese tradition, Feng Shui is the belief that our home reflects our mind, belief, and lifestyle. It can reflect your acquaintances and your values in life. To practice Feng Shui, it is crucial to pay attention to things and people you bring at home. It is equally important to know how to arrange them, and how your rooms are maintained.

This is because everything, animate or inanimate is believed to have energy (or chi). In fact, Feng Shui is the result of the inner peace, which Prem Rawat has mentioned in his teachings.

Plants and flowers for a peaceful home and Feng Shui

Peace lily

Peace lily purifies the air and is endowed with anti-allergen properties. This is due to its ability to eliminate allergens naturally and catch volatile organic compounds, which can be found indoor.


Orchids are difficult to grow unless you have a green hand. They symbolize fertility and riches. They come up in various species and colors. They make the home look pleasant and luxurious. The sight of the orchids can spark joy and good mood, which enhances peace at home.


Lavender is used in many products, including bath gels and shampoos. The plant is renowned for its pleasant smell, which can uplift the mood. It is used to induce relaxation. For Feng Shui, it is best to plant lavender indoor or in the back yard, near the entrance to the Zen garden. 


Sage is used for spiritual cleansing in some religious rituals. It is famous for uplifting the mood, while boosting happiness, tranquility and courage. It is good for people who leave alone or who have phobia.

Aloe vera

Aloe vera is bitter if you happen to eat parts of its skin. It is used many cosmetic products; and nowadays, they come up in juice too. Due to its amazing healing properties, it is recommended to eat the pulp at least twice a week. Due to its size, aloe vera is best planted in the yard, surrounded with some soil and rounded cobblestones.

Orange tree

Orange trees can give oranges even after a year or two. It is lovely to see and healthy to eat, an orange tree can bring peace into home. As a symbol of abundance, plant 2 or 4 trees along the path to your home for Feng Shui. Yet, Bonsai orange trees can be maintained at home.


Peony are renowned as the flowers for love. The colors vary from pink to red. It symbolizes long life and harmony between the couple. Thus, the plant can be a promoter of a peaceful home. It can live up to 100 years.

Golden Pothos

As it name says, golden pothos is very beautiful to see, and is renowned as an air purifier. For Feng Shui, plant it in the living room or near the main door. It has healing properties especially to eliminate headaches and morning sickness.

In brief, it is true that some pants should be eliminated from home and from the yard for their toxins and appearance. Prem Rawat, the ambassador of peace said that it is possible to achieve peace; thus, if everyone strives to find peace from their home, the world will be a better place for humanity.